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Introducing Craigslist for Real Estate Investors... A Complete Guide to Using Craigslist's Free Services To Build Massive Lead Engines For Your Real Estate Business.

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

In these slow economic times, you need every advantage you can find to assure yourself an unending source of high quality leads for your real estate investing activities.

Traditional methods can be quite expensive.

  • Paid advertising can cost you 100's to 1000's a month.

  • Driving around looking for For Sale By Owner signs can eat up huge amounts of time and offers the headaches of cold calling many people to find one good prospect.

  • Driving around town looking at the latest round of foreclosure offerings takes time and is a crapshoot because you never know the conditon of the house when you bid on the courthouse steps.

All these methods take a lot of time and cash... time and cash which could be better invested on other aspects of your business. But you need a flow of hot leads to keep your cash working for you.

Fortunately for you, there is a much better way.

A way that gets prospects calling you on a daily basis.

And it is totally free. Your only cost is a few minutes of your time (an hour at the most) every week once you master the information in this report.

Introducing Craigslist for Real Estate Investors - the definitive guide to using Craigslist, one of the top 15 most visited sites in the United States. This resource guide teaches you all the secrets to using the free services of Craigslist to become a local powerhouse - generating tons of hot and relevant leads for all aspects of your business on a daily basis.


Craigslist for Real Estate Investors leaves nothing to chance. This report teaches you

The Secret to Craigslist's Power - It's much more than just the millions of visitors that go to Craigslist every day!
A full expose on how to get laser targeted leads in your city - quite a feat for the internet which prides itself on its global reach. This one secret guarantees you are not wasting your time with leads from other cities or even other countries.
How to study your competitors to learn the types of ads that are pulling like crazy.
The simple, step by step process to post your ads on Craigslist for free - as often as you need for any offering.
How to avoid the Craigslist cops - people who feel it is their job to flag inappropriate ads for removal from Craigslist.
Tips on how to write ads that pull in leads like crazy.
An examination of every relevant category (there are 34 of them) on Craigslist and how they can be used to supercharge your business.
And much more...

Craigslist for Real Estate Investors can help you grow all aspects of your business:

  • Buying Real Estate
  • Selling Real Estate
  • Renting Real Estate
  • Seeking partners/investors
  • Helping buy/sell goods and services related to your real estate business
  • and much more.

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